Kiara Sky Dip Powder, DIP SYSTEM STARTER KIT + Container ------------- Sold Out

Starter Kit included:

1 - Bond bottle .5 oz
1 - Base bottle .5 oz
1 - Seal Protect bottle .5 oz
1 - Top bottle .5 oz
1 - Nourish Oil bottle .5 oz
1 - Brush Saver bottle .5 oz

And one of each dip powder 1oz: Natural, White, Light Pink, Medium Pink and Dark Pink.

+ Dip Container

Kiara Sky® Dip System. Get stronger, lightweight and natural long-lasting nails with our easy-to-use dip powders and dip essentials that don’t damage the nail bed. Available in 120 colors that matches with Kiara Sky® gel and nail lacquer BASE & COLOR IN ONE BOTTLE